Electronic Manufacturing Clusters (EMCs)

Government of India (Gol) approved a Policy Resolution on National Policy on Electronics,2012.Subsequently,the Information Technology.Electronics & Communications (ITE&C) Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP) issued a notification on Electronic Hardware Policy(2012-2017) to promote Electronic Industry in the state.

As per the Policy,ITE&C Department,GoAP issued guidelines foe "Creation of Electronic Manufacturing Clusters (EMCs)" in the state. The State Government has submitted proposals for Gol for establishing EMCs in Hyderabad.

GoAP received an In-principle approval from the Department of Electronics & Information Technology(DEIT) for establishing two Greenfield EMCs in the Hyderabad Region -e-City (602 ac) and Maheshwaram (310 ac).


ECMs Key Results

Key Results Areas for building a cohesive EMC

Market Potential Industry

Capabilities infrastructure

and logistics World-class

skills Strategic need

Regulatory environment

Target Systems

Defence & Airspace Electronics medical & Automobiles

Semiconductors,Chip Design,VLSI,Telecommunications, Strategic electronics Component industry Power and Solar segments

Telecom,Power,Solar,RFID, Embedded Systems,Medical electronics,Support services like Testing,Plastic Moulding etc.

EMCs shall provide

Conductive Business Environment

Excellent Infrastructure and logistics

An investor-friendly eco system

Meeting the needs of companies and employees

Market Dynamics

The demand in the Indian market was USD 45 bn in 2008-09 and is expected to reach USD 400 bn by 2020. The growth of domestic production at a CAGR of 22% is Expected to be driven by surge in income levels, the aspirational value of electronic goods, the demand from a resurgent corporate sector and the government's focus on E-Governance

Among the 6 key verticals of the Indian Electronics Hardware sector,Consumer Electronics and Telecom Equipment are the largest segments with about 27% share each in total production. It is estimated that around 27.8 mn people will be employed by the ESDM industry for a production of USD 400 bn by 2020.

In the ESDM Industry, local demand & sourcing is expected to grow from USD 2.9 bn to USD 3.6 bn from 2001-15,due to the reliance on imports.Then 65% of electronic product's demand is being met by imports.


Contributes 7.5% to the electronic production of the Country

Houses more than 300 electronic industries with more than 60,000 employee base in highly specialized which Ranks No.5 in the National Electronic Industry Manufacturing & No.3 in attracting investments in India.

Potential to achieve at least 10% - 15% of national share of Electronic Manufacturing by 2020 (in view of the growing contribution of Software exports and new Automobile manufacturing industries in Andhra Pradesh).

Elcina Raaga Mayuri Manufacturing Clusters

Area in Acre 47.32
Estimated Investment by units Rs.780cr
Total No of Industrial Plots 52
Minimum Plot Size 0.56 Acre
Estimated Employment
Direct Employment 5.200
Indirect Employment 13.000

Land use Pattern

86.3% of the are is designated for processing activities and 13.7% pf the area is designed for non processing activities. Table below gives the breakup of area processing and non processing activities.

Land use for Elcina Raaga Mayuri EMC at Chillamathur, Anantapur Dist. Andhra Pradesh
S.No Particular (Name of Facility) Unity Area sqm % Area Processing % Area Non Processing
1 Industrial Plots - Total 52 Plots sqm 111960 58.5
2 Service Area - Bactronic/water Works/recharge water body & other service for servicing the Industrial plots sqm 12997 58.5
3 Roads-Area under roads and truck handing parking area for connecting industrial plots sqm 40321 21
4 Non-processing related Common Amenities worker convenience crietria,club house and general conveniences sqm 7017.8 3.7
5 Green Area- Total area under land scaping/greenery sqm 19202 10
Total 191497.8 86.3 13.7
Latest News

21 Apr 2016

Naidu lays foundation stone for Electronics Park in AP

Ananthapuramu, Apr 21 (PTI) Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu today laid the foundation stone for the Elcina Raaga Mayuri Electronics Park at Chilamattur village in Ananthapuramu district in the Rayalaseema region of the state.

08 Aug 2016

Raaga Mayuri Park Set To Get 8 Electronic Units

Seeks to turn Anantapur into a hub for electronic products for defence, aerospace sectors